The Return to UK Life

After two years away, I returned home from the Falklands at the end of May 2020, in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic. I had expected to return to many aspects of my past life, but instead found myself returning to a very different world and a very different UK.

We decided to look for somewhere to live close to where I grew up in the beautiful Wye Valley and in June 2020, we moved to Tintern. My husband got a new job working in Bristol (although he has found himself at home more often than not) and I returned to the Civil Service, working from home.

At first, I temporarily returned to my old team in Civil Service HR (Fast Stream and Early Talent) working on a number of HR policy change projects, before moving to the Department of Health and Social Care to work on the covid-19 response in NHS Test and Trace.

It has undoubtedly been a very busy and stressful time and the rest of life has taken a bit of a back seat, whilst I focused on work and recovering from my own encounter with the sars-cov-2 virus, which happened when I was back in the Falklands in March 2020.

As we look forward in 2021 to life after covid-19 (whenever that might be and in whatever form that might come), I am keen to reignite my love for coaching and I am seeking new clients. I’ve added a page to this website, setting out my coaching approach.

Whilst I continue to work towards my ILM Level 7 PG Cert in Executive Coaching, if you are interested in working with me and prepared to have our sessions recorded for assessment by my supervisor, then I am happy to offer some free sessions for anyone that would like to try me out! Please get in touch via email or message me on twitter/LinkedIn and I’ll be in touch.

My Next Move

So it seems my search for a new role is finally over. I have accepted a permanent job offer and I’m really looking forward to helping my new employer to recruit, onboard and develop amazing graduate talent. I’m still working through the pre-employment checks and paperwork at the moment and it seems likely this will take a few weeks, so I don’t know when I’ll be starting yet. I really can’t wait to get going! Continue Reading…

Introducing Content

So my site is up and running again and I’ve finally written something on the ‘About Me’ page. You can also learn about my name and why I became known as ‘Lellie’.

I haven’t quite worked out what I am going to ramble about on here, as opposed to over on my business blog, but I am sure I will¬†find something soon enough. Expect future posts to cover anything from the perils of writing a master’s dissertation through to the joy of improvised comedy, perhaps via a detour into the frustrations of knitting mistakes and the adventures of my dog, Nikki. You can spot her in my gravatar.

For now, please excuse the bare walls and do come back for more of my rambles soon.

Finally re-installed WordPress…

My WordPress install got corrupted months ago, so I let my personal site die as I didn’t have the time to fix it. Wanting somewhere I can ramble, that is less formal than my Pro Collaborate site, I’ve finally brought it back. A clean start. A new blog.

I shall try and get some content up here soon. For now it is an empty shell.