Going home!

So the time is finally here. For the next five days I am unemployed until I ‘Take Up Duty’ on Monday in my new role. I am very much looking forward to my training in London next week, although less excited about the fact I will be back in London just over a week after I escaped.

The last three weeks managing the delivery of our graduate training in London have been crazy. Going live with the learning and development project I had been working on since last September was a little like how I imagine a mother feels when faced with delivering a baby that has overstayed its welcome. You want to do it and get it over with, but know it will be painful and horrific for a short time, but when it is over, most of that pain will be forgotten.

I think it all went as well as could have been expected, particularly as I got sick during the first week and had to take a couple of days to rest while the antibiotics kicked in. There were definitely some teething issues with the new module which the team will need to iron out for next year, but it was so exciting to see my vision come to life and the graduates engaging with it.

Leaving at such an important time in the year was also a challenge. I wanted to ensure the team felt comfortable with what I had worked on and that they would be able to pick up where I left off, but we were all so busy that handing over came secondary to getting the job done for this year. At least after this week, they have a few months to re-group before the madness starts again for the class of 2017. I do feel like I have some unfinished business, but I’m satisfied with what I achieved over the last year.

Both of my teams gave me a good send off. My Frankfurt colleagues said goodbye in London on Friday and got me gifts and took me out for lunch. Then last night the Birmingham girls came out for a lovely meal at Bodega and got me amazing knitter’s presents (new knit pro needles and purple sock yarn) – it is fab having a fellow knitter in the team. She knows exactly what to buy!

Reflecting on what has been a challenging year, particularly from a personal point of view, I know I’ve learned an awful lot during this role, both about what is important to me and where my strengths lie. It has been a tough environment to work in and the commute took a lot out of me, but I think it has been an important year in my career. I’ve gained a lot of confidence knowing I can handle all that and more.

I’m really looking forward to my next challenge. I was very torn when I accepted this role as I also had another job offer for an interesting graduate training role, but I hope this will prove to be tbe right decision. I am excited about spending more time working with graduates on a one to one basis in a coaching capacity and I’m also looking forward to spending a bit more time at home. Fingers crossed all goes to plan!

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