Top 10 Tools for Learning

This post was originally found on my business blog and has been reposted here in May 2015.

So Jane Hart is currently compiling her annual Top 100 tools for Learning list, as voted for by learning professionals worldwide. It includes tools used for both personal or professional learning, as well as tools used to create or develop learning in all forms, so it is often an eclectic mixture of online, productivity and creativity tools.

Below you can see my vote – it has a social feel to it, with a touch of academia. For me, the best learning is social, preferably online and on demand. These tools are just a few of the many tools that help facilitate that. Continue Reading…

Finally re-installed WordPress…

My WordPress install got corrupted months ago, so I let my personal site die as I didn’t have the time to fix it. Wanting somewhere I can ramble, that is less formal than my Pro Collaborate site, I’ve finally brought it back. A clean start. A new blog.

I shall try and get some content up here soon. For now it is an empty shell.